Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Shoppe Hours

Hey everyone!

There have been many cool changes to the store - you should come in and check out the new look Co-Op soon! We've got $2 bargain bins - quote from a customer "I can't believe this amazing jacket is $2, I'd pay $20!" - plenty of new stock, including plenty of books, and new opening hours.

Tuesday to Saturday - 10am til 5pm
Sunday - 10am til 4pm

Drop by and say hi!

Nevena xxooox

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

adelaide fashion street shots!! by me!! holly fluxx!!

i was in adeliade over the weekend, and i thought you might be interested to see the kinds of fashions that people are wearing over there!!
steph mountzouris adelaide street fashion shot
danny urban adelaide street fashion shot
steph graf adelaide street fashion shot
x x holly

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Edinburgh Castle Art Market

Hello all!

The Edinburgh Castle will be having an art market tomorrow [Tues 26/01] featuring an eclectic mix of Brunswick businesses selling their wares!

The Co-Op Shop will have a stall so come down, say hello and check out our amazing vintage clothes!

The art market will run from 10am til 4pm at the Edinburgh Castle [Crn Sydney/Albion Rds, Brunswick] and will feature bands, foods, stalls & good times.

The Co-Op Shop

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


hi its kati  here, writing to you live and direct from Buenos Aires in Argentina!!!!
I have been on a rough and tough tour of second hand clothing stores all over south america and they are really not what i expected.... !!!!!
Like, here second hand clothes are really fashionable and trendy and cost more then new clothes, (this is also the case in Japan).
I have been to HEAPS of stores, in chile, bolivia and argentina, and the prices are EQUAL to australian prices, which, given the currency/economics of it all, makes them.....heaps and heaps expeno !!!!!

anyway, just thought i would smash that illusion.
everywhere is just a little bit more exspensive then a bargain these days.....hahahaaha

i was pretty devo·d when i realised, but im kind of over it now.


Rah Rah's hit picks for January PART 2!

here are some more Rah Rah hit picks from the Co-op shop's shelves:
stained glass window dress!!
stained glass window dress! just like the photoshop effect!
kute pink dress with a bowww
kute pink dress wit a bowww!
polish booties!!
polish booties! we both wish they fit us <3 ricki renee dress
Ricki Renee dress!! my fav thing about this one is the label that says:
ricki renee dress
what more can we say?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rah Rah's hit picks for January

i visited Rah Rah this week to check owt what's hot in the co-op shop!
leather tassle jacket
big yellow skirt
beaded white jumper
country knitted jumper

more to come!!
these are authentic selections from Rah Rah <3

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new Belinda Suzette mural in the Co-op Shop <3

it looks amaZing!!! wouldn't you say! plz stop by and have a look!! and here is Belinda's website:
belinda suzette mural
belinda suzette mural close up
and here's a link to some shots of Belinda at work painting le mural :
x x x x

Sunday, October 18, 2009

hot hit picks for October!!

ooh, we just got so much excellent new stock in!!
these are some of my favourites!:
retro 80s Katie's grey jacket! $9
its 80s Katie's for $9

Christopher Kane-look tiger skirt :) $5
Christopher Kane-style tiger skirt $5

green pixels jumper! $7
Green/black pixel vision jumper $7

green bubbly vintage dress $10
green bubbly vintage dress $10

vintage candy striped dress $8
vintage candy-striped dress $8

fluffy purple 'orange sun' cardi $8
fluffy purple 'Orange Sun' cardi (detail) $8
cute-as fluffy purple cardigan, $8

black, grey, blue batwing knit $9
black, grey and blue batwing knit $9

blue grover fur shorts $5
blue grover fake fur shorts $5 (haha, these are so fun!!)

amazing leather jacket $15
amazing leather jacket detail $15
amazing leather jacket $15

emerald green 'sportscraft shirt $8
emerald green 'sportscraft' shirt (detail) $8
gorgeous emerald green 'sportscraft shirt $8

this is just a small selection of what is in stock right now <3 <3
come have a look around!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Belinda Suzette Mural

Amazing local artist and designer Belinda Suzette will be donating her time and skills to create a fabulous mural inside The Co-Op Shop!

Check out some of her incredible creations; Belinda's Myspace, blog & Youtube.