Sunday, October 18, 2009

hot hit picks for October!!

ooh, we just got so much excellent new stock in!!
these are some of my favourites!:
retro 80s Katie's grey jacket! $9
its 80s Katie's for $9

Christopher Kane-look tiger skirt :) $5
Christopher Kane-style tiger skirt $5

green pixels jumper! $7
Green/black pixel vision jumper $7

green bubbly vintage dress $10
green bubbly vintage dress $10

vintage candy striped dress $8
vintage candy-striped dress $8

fluffy purple 'orange sun' cardi $8
fluffy purple 'Orange Sun' cardi (detail) $8
cute-as fluffy purple cardigan, $8

black, grey, blue batwing knit $9
black, grey and blue batwing knit $9

blue grover fur shorts $5
blue grover fake fur shorts $5 (haha, these are so fun!!)

amazing leather jacket $15
amazing leather jacket detail $15
amazing leather jacket $15

emerald green 'sportscraft shirt $8
emerald green 'sportscraft' shirt (detail) $8
gorgeous emerald green 'sportscraft shirt $8

this is just a small selection of what is in stock right now <3 <3
come have a look around!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Belinda Suzette Mural

Amazing local artist and designer Belinda Suzette will be donating her time and skills to create a fabulous mural inside The Co-Op Shop!

Check out some of her incredible creations; Belinda's Myspace, blog & Youtube.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Picks Of The Week

Vintage 80s Westco floral shirt $8

Vintage 100% Scottish Shetland Wool hand set $8

Vintage 70s poncho $8

Vintage cow print vest $8

Our New Bookshelf

Recently, a group of Co-Op volunteers organised a book drive and this has now blossomed into a burgeoning book shelf! We have a vast selection, including an entire shelf of vintage National Geographic. This is perfect for anyone looking for quality photos for collages, fans of N.G. or those who have never read one!

If you'd like to donate your old books, please bring them into the store or to organsie collection email:

Photos Of Our New Store

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Store - 500 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Hello all.

The new Co-Op is blooming and we invite everyone down to 500 Lygon St, East Brunswick to have a look at our new amazing store!

If you have 3.5 hours to spare a fortnight, and you're interested in volunteering at the store, please Email

The Co-Op is currently in need of a small CD player, book shelf and full length mirror. If anyone is able to donate, please bring the item into the store - 500 Lygon Street, East Brunswick - or Email to arrange collection -


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Store Location!

drumroll please, ......

Yes, the rumors are true!!
We ARE moving, on June 3rd!
to a FANTASTIC new shop, number 500 Lygon st, brunswick east.

Its all very exciting, make sure you come down on june 3rd to visit us and see our new amazing store.

Lots of love,
The C0-Op Shop