Sunday, October 18, 2009

hot hit picks for October!!

ooh, we just got so much excellent new stock in!!
these are some of my favourites!:
retro 80s Katie's grey jacket! $9
its 80s Katie's for $9

Christopher Kane-look tiger skirt :) $5
Christopher Kane-style tiger skirt $5

green pixels jumper! $7
Green/black pixel vision jumper $7

green bubbly vintage dress $10
green bubbly vintage dress $10

vintage candy striped dress $8
vintage candy-striped dress $8

fluffy purple 'orange sun' cardi $8
fluffy purple 'Orange Sun' cardi (detail) $8
cute-as fluffy purple cardigan, $8

black, grey, blue batwing knit $9
black, grey and blue batwing knit $9

blue grover fur shorts $5
blue grover fake fur shorts $5 (haha, these are so fun!!)

amazing leather jacket $15
amazing leather jacket detail $15
amazing leather jacket $15

emerald green 'sportscraft shirt $8
emerald green 'sportscraft' shirt (detail) $8
gorgeous emerald green 'sportscraft shirt $8

this is just a small selection of what is in stock right now <3 <3
come have a look around!

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stickers said...

photos look greaaaaaat thanks holly!!!!
your amazing!